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Did you receive a notice, called 60-Day Notice, from your creditor? A 60-day notice is sent when you do not pay the monthly amount due to your creditor for the purchase of your house. It is the first stage which the creditor has to undertake before seizing your property. Once all the stages were crossed, your creditor can sell your house and oblige you to move somewhere else.

If you do not resolve this situation, yes, your creditors will take back the keys of your property. But before panicking, the timelines are actually longer than 60 days. Generally, it can take 6 to 9 months for all legal proceedings to be completed. Nevertheless, do not delay before fixing this situation, because legal expenses can add up and represent several thousand dollars.

Option 1 - Sale of your property
If you have accumulated an interesting equity in your property but you can no longer afford to meet your payments (mortgage, municipal tax, school tax, related charges, etc.), you could sell your property so you don’t lose everything. Beware of the offers you might receive: your 60-day notice is public and you will be contacted by aggressive buyers.
Option 2 - New mortgage
You are turning to private mortgage lenders to refinance your property. A private mortgage lender is a temporary solution to avoid losing your property. You will be able to obtain a new mortgage at a higher rate than the market (about 8-12%). The goal is to rebuild your credit and be able to refinance at a better rate in the near future. If you want to keep your property, the private mortgage could be your best option.

All your files are treated confidentially. Often, even your tenants or children won’t know about it. Consult with us, it’s free! We can study and suggest a tailored solution.

To ensure that your real estate investment is performing well while remaining safe, we offer to manage your real estate investment. Knowing that in expert hands, you will have the peace of mind and the assurance that everything will be done to maximize its profitability. We group the set of the services that require the preservation and the good management of a residential or commercial building.

When you call upon our services, you will benefit from the following:

  1. Detailed building inspection report with recommendations
    Inspection of the building at the beginning of the mandate to determine repairs to be made.
  2. Full and detailed administration with monthly reports to owner
    A report is given to the owner with a copy of the bank statement.
  3. Rent collection
    Rent collection takes place on the 1st day of the month. Telephone follow-up and postal service is provided for defaulting tenant. Eventually, the necessary appeal is undertaken at the Régie du logement.
  4. Building physical maintenance and prevention
    A regular inspection of the building is conducted. If work is required we use our network of skilled staffs to take advantage of the best prices in the market.
  5. Negotiation and renewal of leases
    We are responsible for all steps related to the preparation of notices of increase in rents within the time limits prescribed by the Civil Code of Quebec. This part of service includes preparing notices, providing notices to follow-up on response times and accepted notices, follow-up on non-renewals, agreements and negotiations.
  6. Rehabilitation of rental housing
    Inspection of work and rehabilitation of housings, including painting and replacement of worn or broken accessories.
  7. Rent of vacant housing
    Advertising in newspapers and on the Internet. Advertising sign is placed on the grounds of the building. Leasing brochures can be distributed to business. Each tenant candidate must complete an information sheet and successfully complete a credit survey before receiving the lease and keys to their unit.
  8. Representation at Régie du Logement
    We are able to assist our clients at the Régie du Logement in case of litigation during the lease, termination of a lease for failure to payment of rent, or to represent the landlord.

You want to start a real estate business or you already have real estate assets. In both cases, our advice will be very helpful.

The management of a real estate company is complex and obliges you to think of the legal, financial or accounting aspects, to name only those. If these aspects are overlooked, your wealth is at risk of losing value and your efforts to enrich yourself will be shattered.

Is the structure of your business the right one? Are you seeking bids to renovate properties to maximize the benefits of competition? Could you partner with someone to get the most knowledge and increase your profit? Do you know the best purchase opportunities?

Here are some of the numerous aspects of your real estate business. We can examine them with you and help you make the good decisions. We can review them with you and help you make the right decisions.

By doing a personalized review of your file, it will enable us to answer all these questions.


A bid solicitation for the work is required to compete among workers and obtain a price that suits your needs. The right price is not necessarily the lowest. Other factors must be considered in the choice of your workers: the seriousness and the motivation demonstrated during your negotiations; the flexibility on the price; the quality and the quantity of the information on the works to be executed and the material to be used; the quality of the supplied information; the speed of execution.

  1. The obtaining of a quotation
  2. Provide warranty on work
  3. Get a favourable payment period
  4. Date of the beginning of the works
  5. Have the work done in sequence
  6. Verify the authenticity of the information provided by the worker; his business number, his address.

We can help you to write your contracts and get useful information for your activities: : search in Quebec Business Register; search in Quebec Land Registry, etc.
Some contracts are accompanied by supporting documents. Again, we step in to create agreements that protect you from potential legal action from third parties and losses of money!

Our collection service is geared to real estate, because we’ve been in the business for a number of years. If a debtor omits, fails or neglects to make payments after multiple requests from you, it is time to change your claim strategy.

That’s where our collection service comes in quickly to do all the legitimate approach to make them pay their dues.

We already collect our own accounts. So we have the experience to provide you with the tools to meet this undertaking challenges.

In your day-to-day activities, you must deal with consumers who are unable to pay the amounts owing within the agreed-upon timeframes. When an account remains unpaid, use our debt collection service. We shall establish the contact with the consumer and shall negotiate the refund of the account (of an invoice, a loan, or sum due to the creditor) as soon as possible. We shall act as main negotiator with the defaulted consumer.


  1. Use our tracking tools, such as databases and other information tools, to locate the consumer
  2. Informing the consumer about the overdue account
  3. Make telephone contact with consumer to collect debt (incoming and outgoing calls)
  4. Negotiate and motivate the consumer in firmly and honestly manner
  5. Analyze and update consumer information to determine the most appropriate repayment plan
  6. Analyze and evaluate various financial reports related to the consumer, including debt-to-credit ratio and credit bureau reports
  7. Document clearly the outcome of calls, with supporting table
  8. Manage work log and prioritize customer calls
  9. Comply with the laws and regulations governing debt collection and ensure compliance with the Elio & Associates's Code of Ethics by treating the consumer with honesty, dignity and respect at all times


In some cases, you must accompany a document with an oath (example: a money claim) This oath must be taken before a commissioner for oaths. Elio & Associates offers you this service. The document that you sign before a Commissioner for Oaths of Elio & Associates is the written testimony that you would be required to give orally before the Court. Your written statement serves as testimony. Elio & Associés will ensure that it is done in a manner that ensures its official character.

One of Elio & Assocates partner is a commissioner of oaths. The commissioner of oaths can receive your oath.

Swearing is subject to specific rules as it is an official act. It must be done in the presence of the person who declares and it must sign the document in the presence of the Commissioner of Oaths of Elio & Associates.

The Commissioner of Elio & Associates is a person authorized by the Law to countersign your written testimony: When you appear before a commissioner for oaths, the latter speaks to you in the following terms:

You swear that all facts in this document are true. Say: I declare under oath.

Once this declaration is made, the Commissioner then enters the date and place of the swearing-in. He then signs the document by adding his Commissioner's number and the seal.

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