Real estate investing is not easy. You need to find the type of building that suits you best and that matches your investor profile. The investment opportunities are many and you must get all the information that will make you make the right decision. We will use the most sophisticated sources of information to obtain the most accurate and profitable data.

Whether you already have a real estate asset or want to start your business, we offer advice in line with the current market. The reasons to invest are many:

Generate additional income, reduce your taxes, invest your capital or protect your loved ones. In any case, you must be well oriented and advised.In real estate, the profit is realized with the purchase. Real estate acquisition must therefore be carefully planned.

We are familiar with the Greater Montreal market. Our public and private sources of information inform us about the transactions to be seized. Do you want to invest and build a profitable estate?Let us assist you in editing your real estate heritage. We study with you the essential aspects of your project: your needs, your current resources, your heritage, your choice of building, the time you intend to devote to your project, etc.

Once you have made your choice, we calculate for you the profitability of your project. We can guarantee a return of 4% on an investment amount in the form of first or second mortgage.

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